Blended learning is a flexible approach that combines face-to-face teaching and E-learning
 (available in English only).

Our E-learning offers an unlimited online access to a range of enhanced teaching materials and activities that correspond to the trainee’s level and needs. All you need is a computer and internet connection to access our E-learning website wherever you are, either from home or work, or while away on business.

Trainees can access 24/7 diverse interactive exercises covering the major difficulties encountered in language learning, i.e. grammar,  specialised corporate or general vocabulary, pronunciation practice, written and oral comprehension.

All the on-line documents are updated on a regular basis, being extracts from authentic sources, such as the BBC, Canadian news channel, Universal Studios, etc.

Upon completion of the assessment on-line, an individualised course is created according to each trainee’s language level and interests.

In order to track connections and work activity, an integrated tracking tool is offered for all subscriptions.


Download Language Courses Procedures

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