Frequently questions :

Are your training programmes available in the context of the DIF (the individual’s right to training) ?
Yes, all our training programmes are accessible via the DIF. It is also possible to gain funding in other training contexts.

Are your training programmes subject to support from external funding organisations ?
External funding for our training programmes is possible. Our services meet the specific requirements of each OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé)-official organisations which collect and provide funding to businesses for training purposes.

How is the trainee’s progress measured ?
From one lesson to the next, the trainers set tests and quizzes to follow up on the trainees’ progress.

How is progress validated ?
Progress is evaluated at the end of the course by the trainers concerned. A progress report is sent to your Training Manager. This report demonstrates the initial level of the trainee and their level reached at the end of their training. Regarding each language skill (oral expression, oral comprehension, written expression and written comprehension), the report details the tasks the trainee can do in the target language. If, however, the trainee has not reached the level required by his professional responsibilities, further training can be suggested.
We offer exam preparation, if requested by your company. The skills level can be validated by the Toeic, the Bulats, the Bright, the DELE and other well known exams.

Are you familiar with the French administrative training scheme ?
The French administrative and funding process for training in the workplace is managed at TNA Formations by our specialised software. Our Consultants are here to answer any questions regarding contracts, OPCA funding, etc. Every month they send out attendance records and invoices for each trainee.

Where do lessons take place ?
Lessons can take place in our centres or in-company.

How can I prepare for the TOEIC exam ?
Depending on the initial level and objectives of trainees, customised training programmes and schedules are suggested. Trainees can measure their progress by taking mock exams throughout the course.

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