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 News on the Reforme #CPF

A few examples of certified CPF HTT training courses that TNA Formations have organized:

30-hour one-on-one French (foreign language) course, including the BULATS Cambridge test

One days training one-on-one, beginner-level Excel, including the TOSA test

Make use of the CPF HTT to get training

A wide range of certified training choices

No need for your employer’s agreement

In a domain linked, or not, to your current profession; the chance to change career

More info on the Vocational Skills Training Reform in France
(CPF = Compte personnel de formation)

The CPF functions in one of two ways; a training course can be followed outside working hours (HTT) or during working hours (STT)

The CPF STT is similar to the old DIF STT

Training organized with the CPF HTT framework is totally personal. Your employer is not part of the process.

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#CPF The French reform of vocational training came into effect on the
5th of January 2015, replacing the #DIF (Droit individuel de Formation)
with the new CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation).

This legislation brings new training rights to French workers, giving them
150 hours of training over a 9-year period, at whatever stage in their career.

Here are some interesting links to read more about it :

Training and recognition are necessary for a successful return to growth


#French: A TV Documentary in French that shows the pitfalls of written French


TNA Formations now has its own YOUTUBE Channel.
You will find videos and playlists on the following subjects:
Languages: English, Spanish, American etc…
As well as IT Tricks, for example how to quickly copy a formula using Excel.

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